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Adam Kennedy
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Sunday, May 24, 2020 at 11:27:07 PM British Summer Time

VIVO Clinic have partnered with Abbott Core Laboratory to offer the IgG Home Antibody Test. This is the first pathology-based antibody test that has been authorized by Public Health England to be sold on the market for individual home use.

Abbott’s IgG Home Testing Kit is a finger-prick test that confirms if a person has previously been infected with the coronavirus. Abbott’s pathology-based test is 99% accurate and can help those who wish to return to work.

How does the IgG Home Testing Kit work?

Abbott’s IgG Antibody Test identifies the presence of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies in a blood sample. IgG antibodies are created in response to the COVID-19 infection. This type of COVID-19 antibody is linked to longer-term immunity. Therefore, IgG antibodies can show if a person has previously been infected with COVID-19. Abbott’s lab-based test should be taken 14 to 21 days after symptoms are first experienced.

It is important to note that this type of COVID-19 test does not certify that a person is completely immune to the coronavirus. At the current time, there is no evidence to prove that a person cannot be infected with COVID-19 more than once.


Abbott’s antibody finger-prick test enables individuals to take a blood sample from the comfort of their own home. The home testing kit comes with all the components that you need, including lancets, a plastic tube, a plastic container, an alcohol pad, a cotton pad, a postage envelope, and a pathology form.

You can find out more by visiting or calling VIVO Clinic  on 0207 1646 955


Once the blood sample is collected, it can be sent to the UKAS accredited laboratory that VIVO Clinic have partnered with in the postage envelope that is provided with the pathology-based home testing kit. You will receive your results within 24 hours from when the laboratory has received your blood sample. A positive result confirms that you were previously infected with COVID-19.

How do you collect the blood sample?

For Abbott’s pathology-based test, individuals are required to collect a blood sample. Fortunately, collecting a home test sample is simple. Before sample collection, an individual must use the alcohol pad to sterilize the tip of the finger, and then pierce the skin with a lancet. Next, the individual must wipe away the first drop of blood with the cotton pad and massage the finger to deposit blood into the test tube.

Once the test tube has been filled to the desired line, it must be sealed, and you should fill in your information on the label before placing the tube inside the plastic container. The final stage of sample collection is to fill in the pathology form, and place this and the sample in the postage envelope provided.

Why should I choose this type of COVID-19 test?

Abbott’s home IgG antibody test kit enables individuals to get the answers they need without leaving their homes. Sample collection is easy to perform and you will be sent your results within 24 hours once your blood sample has been received by the laboratory. The whole process takes roughly 48 hours.

Moreover, Abbott’s pathology-based home testing kit is 99% accurate. The sample is examined by medical professionals from a UKAS accredited laboratory.

This type of COVID-19 test can determine if people have previously been infected with the coronavirus, even if they did not experience symptoms.

Abbott’s IgG antibody test is CE certified and has been authorized for emergency use by the FDA.

VIVO Clinic will be donating 1 in 10 IgG home testing kits to key workers who are keeping our society going during this difficult time.