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ionveo technology
United Kingdom, Greater London, London, E16AN
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Monday, June 7, 2021 at 11:16:17 PM British Summer Time
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Our hidden button cameras, can be used anywhere and anytime with no distance limit. It works on the 3G, 4G ( and future 5G ) mobile data network through its connection, without cables, Wi-Fi tethering with the Smartphone or Portable Router that acts as a bridge for the connection.


The camera's very high-resolution sensor is hidden in a small shirt button and is invisible from the outside. Designed for capturing documents or screens, with full focus and sharpness for all types of text and graphics. With this camera you can record and broadcast to a second person anywhere else and at the same time. The system can be programmed to operate in different ways: remote control, live video transmission, sending images to the cloud in Dropbox.


Unique in having remote monitoring of all system parameters: temperature, connection, data transmission, resolution, compression, etc ... Being the manufacturer, we offer the best advice and technical assistance. Ask about other options and manufacturing or configuration possibilities. The system can be adapted for different modes of operational use, as circumstances require.


This listing is for our imaging system, for the hidden audio communication system ( the cover earpiece microphone ), you can contact for more information.