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Wednesday, December 28, 2022 at 6:21:31 AM Greenwich Mean Time

 The trending social media & search engine platforms currently prioritize video content to have more reach, impressions & views organically.

In modern times traditional marketing tools such as television advertisements, radio advertisements, advertising through newspapers & magazines, etc have become outdated & are replaced by new marketing platforms such as social media & search engines.

The world has globalized, and businesses now have the freedom to have a worldwide reach to market their services. Internet & computers have helped connect humanity more efficiently, through social media platforms.

The explainer video services are on a boom, as social media platforms & search engines encourage video marketing more when compared to images & content marketing. Many companies have bought explainers to their aid in order to reduce unwanted advertisement expenses.

Today explainer videos are used by almost every successful business to market their brand on the internet platform. Video content helps engage the audience better this boost your SEO, engagement rate, insights & leads. Connecting to an explainer video company can help you get a perfect explainer video for your business.






Why Are Explainer Videos So Effective

Explainer videos are short informative videos with animation or graphical content that help the viewer understand your brand, services, or products at a short glance. Businesses that opt for explainer video services & include explainer videos in their marketing strategies have noticed a significant growth in their customer base.

The best thing is explainer videos are a very portable marketing tool on the internet. The same video can be used on your website, social media platforms & shared on messengers. This is very inexpensive, convenient, reduces time & helps reduce unwanted advertisement expenses.

All explainer video types perform well you have the option to choose from such as whiteboard explainer videos, 2D-3D explainer videos, and isometric explainer videos, but the most responsive and the best video types are animated explainer videos.

Animated Explainers Videos

There are many explainer video types for you to choose from, but today we stem our focus on a particular explainer video type popularly known as animated explainer videos. Animated Explainer videos are the most successful explainer video type. Animated explainer videos are graphically rich, include motion graphics & engage the audience better.

Research proved that animated videos help the viewer focus his attention up to 95% better when compared to other explainer video types this gives animated explainer videos a significant boost.

Pricings Of Animated Videos

Yes, the pricing is something always that concerns you. Implementation of an animated explainer video in your marketing activities can be a game changer. What is the animated explainer video pricing for a video is a very frequent question asked.

Well the answer depends on your requirements, the animated explainer video pricing for a 3-minute explainer video can start from $1,000 & can go up to $7000 and the animated explainer video pricing for a 5-10 minute animated explainer video can be anything above $10,000. The animated explainer video pricings are always high as it’s always in demand. Connecting to a good explainer video company like Explainer Mojo can help to reduce your animated explainer video pricing by far.

Importance Of Video Content

Video is the best way to market your brand & explainer video services are the best video content format to market your brand on the internet platform.

The common nature of videos is they have the tendency to attract more viewers & engage the audience more. Today social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook & Instagram which were once only optimized for image sharing now also support videos. More videos simply keep the audience engaged and spend as much of their time on such social media platforms.

Brand Awareness

As a new business, your main goal is always spreading brand awareness, which is often a challenge for brands.

In modern times this challenge seems not so challenging with the use of search engines, websites & social medial marketing to your aid. Explainer videos & other video content can be used as tools to market your brand and spread brand awareness.

Regularly updating your social medial channels with fresh explainer videos can help you stay in touch with your audience & is absolutely free. Thus in modern times video content can help you spread brand awareness more quickly,


Targeting Audience

If your brand is a good catch for a certain group of customers or your target audience the youth or elderly, explainer videos can help you target your desired audience.

You simply have to design and execute the explainer video with the likely thinking of your target audience. Including texts, digits, animations, etc all directed towards the interest of your audience. Connecting to an explainer video company can help you design a perfect explainer video based on your target audience.

Further, if you opt to run paid advertisements on social medial platforms or google search engines then you can use explainer videos & in the settings target your audience based on their interests, hobbies, age, or education.

Reduce Marketing Expenses

Marketing is an investment, every business has to invest in marketing in some or the other way as it’s the backbone of every organization.

The traditional marketing tools such as advertising on Tv, newspapers, magazines & radio were expensive & not accurate as you could not target a certain sect of audience or have insights into conversions & sales.

Modern marketing tools such as social media ads, google ads & search engines support video content and the best this is you can run paid ads with your selected budget, pause your marketing campaign, optimize it, have your insights, conversion rates, and eventually have full control on your marketing activities this helps your business spend more effectively on your marketing activities.

Best Explainer Video Services.

Explainer Videos are the new normal marketing tool for businesses all around the world. Explainer Mojo is the leading explainer video company in the UK that provides you with a wide range of explainer video services all under one roof.

Explainer Mojo provides you with the best-animated explainer video pricing as we are the leading animated explainer video services company in the UK. Feel free to connect to Explainer Mojo today for the best-animated explainer video services or for the production of your business app explainer video, as we provide a wide range of explainer video services.