How much does the color of the car matter?

How much does the color of the car matter?

There are people in the world of cars that deal with “predicting” the best colors for new cars to be released. Consumer demands weigh heavily on the choices that manufacturers make, but the uniqueness note plays an important role.

If you are not one of those who focus on the color of the car, we say that a study by Yankelovich Partners shows that approximately 39% of buyers change brands just because they do not find the desired shade.

The monetary value of color

Like many other features of a car, color plays an important role in the value of a car. The most popular colors can depreciate the value of your car, but as well they can be a long term advantage.

It is complicated to estimate the percentage of appreciation/depreciation because it can vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the vehicle and color. The color of cars is constantly changing and so if the year of purchase of your car has a tendency to be orange or purple, this could be a disadvantage for sale after a few years. The choice of classic shades, such as white, black and silver, bring security but are far from what innovation or uniqueness means.

Top 3 best selling car colors

This category includes all the categories of cars according to the preferences of the buyers:

White – 22%
Silver – 20%
Black – 19%
Top colors for SUV / Minibuses / Small trucks

White – 19.3%
Silver – 18%
Black – 12.4%
Dark blue – 11.4%
Dark gray – 7.5%
Red – 7.1%
Dark green – 6.7%
Light brown – 5.1%
Intense red – 4.5%
Gold – 1.8%
Top colors luxury cars

Silver is the number one choice in terms of the color of luxury cars. The black who a few years ago occupies the leading position has been affected in recent years.

Silver – 32.1%
Metallic white – 17.7%
White – 11.8%
Dark blue 8.6%
Black – 8.5%
Dark gray 7.2%
Red – 6%
Gold – 3%
Top colors for Sedan / Hatchback

How much does the color of the car matter? Silver – 28.1%
White – 11.8%
Black – 11.2%
Dark Blue – 9.5%
Red – 7.6%
Dark gray – 6.2%
Green – 5.3%
Gold – 3.4%
If you have bought or want to buy a used car or a new car, how much emphasis have you placed or put on the color?


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