How and where you can sell the child’s old stuff

How and where you can sell the child’s old stuff

Parents are required to give up most of their children’s belongings periodically: stroller, car seat, crib, clothes, and toys. Especially the baby’s wardrobe must be renewed frequently, as they grow from month to month. Of course, it is wonderful to donate these products to a needy family or placement center. However, if you also need money, you must know that the ad sites offer you the opportunity to conclude an advantageous fair for both parties, through a simple and fast procedure: posting a sale ad.

  1. Create your stock of products

It is advisable to proceed as organized as possible, and the first step in this situation is to create your stock of products that you want to sell. If you want to sell more products (baby stroller, baby cot, clothes left small and toys that no longer match your child’s age) gather them all in one place and carefully research them to be in -a state of best use. In order to easily manage the sale of your child’s old things, it is good to make a list to carefully check before posting the ads on the site.

  1. Check the status of each product

It is very important for the clothes to be clean, the products to be cleaned of dust or mud and possibly the toys to be repaired, as this inclines the balance in your favor in the sale process. Regardless of the value of the product, it is good to pay attention to it and sell it in a good state of use. Especially in the case of a used product, the appearance and the state of use of these things must be as good as possible to capture the interest of the buyers.

  1. Take clear and eloquent pictures

People’s confidence in online sales is not blind, on the contrary. Therefore, the ad you post must have at least a very clear picture. It is good to post your product from several angles, especially if it is a bulky product such as baby strollers, car seats for babies or baby furniture.

Make sure you have good light and that there are no “disruptive factors” around these products. It is unpleasant to see a photo with a baby cot for sale in a messy room where clothes are laid on the bed, and toys are scattered everywhere. Try to place the products on a neutral background, near a wall or why not even outside.

  1. Post a detailed announcement

The more information you provide about the product you are selling, the greater the chances of the sale taking place. When posting the ad, do not rush and try to carefully fill in all the required fields on the site. The most important thing is to choose the right category.

If you are in a hurry, try a simple imagination exercise: put yourself in the buyer’s place and think about those details you would need to make the decision to buy. Do not provide redundant information, which is already seen in the picture attached to the genre: colors, brand, etc., but write exactly the things that the buyer needs.

  1. Ask for a fair price

Even if it is a sale from which you want to win, do not try to trick the buyer, just to get a few extra lei. Think from the outset that you are not the only person selling these products. Also, you do not have to put a very low price trying to have an advantage over the competition, because for the buyer this may seem doubtful.

Tip: If you are in a hurry and need urgent money, then resort to a marketing trick and offer a bonus of a lower value. For example, if you sell a baby stroller, with a car seat and a car, offer a free harness or a baby toy – gift.


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